My very first app with .NET MAUI

Hi Devs !

My name is J-E, or Jean-Emmanuel if you prefer, and Im glad to know you reading my notes!

Indeed, I really want to share my passion about developing cross-platforms mobile applications, and especially with .NET MAUI (to pronounce dot-net-mah-wee).

With this blog, I wish I could help any beginner developer willing to get started with his mobile application project via short and simple lessons. No long theoretical courses, here you will quickly have fun and produce cool apps! And I’ll guide you from the development stage until your application is available on the stores.

But, what is .NET MAUI? Can you tell me more?

Its a framework maintained by Microsoft for developing mobile applications, but not only! In fact, MAUI stands for “Multi-platform App User Interface”.

.NET MAUI was officially released during 2022 and is based on the excellent Xamarin.Forms framework which covers iOS and Android only. And if you had never heard of it, don’t panic! Even I only learned about it at the end of 2019, and then I deployed my very first app on the stores: MyVanity.

And how did you get your first application published? Did it take long?

And that’s the magic of .NET MAUI, you only have to code one program and it will run on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows! And it just needs a single programming language.

And so no, it didn’t take that long, but mostly it will depend:

  • your development experience,

  • the complexity of your application,

  • and how much time you can dedicate to it.

In my case, it took exactly one year from the moment I imagined the application to the day I published it on the stores.

Okay, so what do I need to know before I start my application?

First of all, congratulations, its a very good decision! So to start your application, you will need to:

  • Find an idea,

  • Design a mock-up,

  • Know C# language.

First point is easy, you usually already have the idea to get this far.

The second one is just to have a better idea of what the application will look like, and for that you should give a try to Adobe XD which is free!

Finally, you will need to know C# language to program your application, and for that I suggest you to take the learning path developed by Microsoft. That being said, you can start right away if you have a bit of experience in coding, even without knowing C#! You will learn very quickly as you develop your application.

For this first lesson, I propose you develop an application to play music in a “nightclub” atmosphere. 樹綾鳶版

You’ll probably make a few mistakes, but failing is the best way to learn, so make sure you follow through with your idea!

I have the idea in mind, my design is ready, and Im fine coding with C#, lets start !

Here we go, see you at next article !

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